About C. Farmer Ltd.

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)C. Farmer Ltd is a family concern, and was started in the mid 1930's by Mr. Charles Farmer, originally selling battery chargers for recharging lead acid batteries for powering the early radio receivers, from a wooden hut adjoining his fathers garage on Smedley Street, Matlock. From this small beginning he branched out to also selling the radios, and then in due course, TV and VCR's. The company is now run by his son, Mr. Robin Farmer, and consists of a large single store, the workshop, warehousing, and accounts department. Back in the 60's and 70's we also ran two cable relay systems, one in Bakewell (405 only), and one in Matlock (405 and 625), to provide reception in particularly bad areas. With the advent of the local relay transmitters from the mid 70's onwards, we were able to close down and dismantle the systems.

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)The founders grandson, Mr. Jason Farmer is now the manager of the expanded single showroom.

dot_clear.gif (43 bytes)For some old photographs, visit our pictures page, where we display a few old photos from our archives.

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