Digital TV at C. Farmer Ltd.

Digital Switchover took place August and September 2011

Digital switchover took place in August 2011 (East Midlands) and September 2011 (Yorkshire).

First off, there are two 'standards' of Freeview, the full Freeview service on main transmitters and larger relay transmitters, and 'Freeview Lite', a cut down service on the fast majority of relay stations offering only around half the channels of the full Freeview service. Almost all viewers in our service area are on smaller relay stations, and will only get the poorer 'Freeview Lite' service. This provides only around 15 TV channels, plus 4 HD channels, for those with Freeview HD sets or boxes.

This is a permanent situation, and there are no plans to ever provide a full service at the vast majority of transmitter sites in the UK (80 or so are full sites, and the remaining thousand odd are only Freeview Lite).


What about Sky and Freesat?

Sky and Freesat are via satellite, are already digital, and aren't affected by the digital switchover. Both will continue to function exactly as before, Sky users with 'magic eyes' on other sets in the house will be able to use them as before, but ONLY for watching the same channel the Sky box is set to.

If you want more channels that Freeview Lite, Sky or Freesat is the way to go, with Sky offering all the Full Freeview channels, plus a great many more, and Freesat providing more than Full Freeview, but not the full Freeview channels.


Can I still use my VCR?

VCR's generally only have analogue tuners, so you won't be able to use the internal tuner in your VCR. In order to use it, you can add a Freeview box to your VCR, connected via a SCART lead, and record via SCART on your VCR. This does mean you need to select the correct channel on the Freeview box, and set the VCR as well. This applies to DVD recorders as well, although more modern DVD Recorders may well already have an internal digital tuner.

A much better solution would be to buy a Freeview PVR, a recorder that uses an internal HDD (Hard Disc Drive) to record without tapes, these give much higher quality, and are very easy to use, recording via an EPG (Electronic Programme Guide).


What about my kitchen and bedroom TV's?

Every TV and Recorder in your house needs to be either digital, or to have a Freeview box connected to it. Just as with the main set, these will all require retuning on the dates above.


How can I find out more?

Check the DigitalUK website at:

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